tHL app - Privacy Policy

Information Collected
tHL app we may ask you to register and/or provide information that personally identifies you for purposes of interacting with the app. Such personal information may include, but is not limited to, your names and mobile number. For some platform to allow you upload image to tHL app requare CAMERA permision and for app function requare your READ_PHONE_STATE permission.
Use of Personal Information
We believe in protecting your privacy, and will not share personal information with third parties outside of tHL app. We use personal information about you to improve our content and product offerings and to personalize the app content, layout, and services. We may also use your personal information, such as your mobile, e-mail address or mailing address, to contact you regarding products and/or services that may be of interest to you, to respond to an inquiry from you regarding the information that we have collected or respond to your comments and suggestions.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please e-mail us at,